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16 Year Old Program

All New Jersey 16 year old MUST be accompanied by a driving ...

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1st Choice Driving School offers New Jersey Permit Test Prep Online Course.

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    We offer a "Road Test Prep Service" on the day of the road test. We will pick up the student before their road test from Home or school. The majority of students who have attended our school have already road test scheduled. Prior to the road test, on the way to Motor Vehicle, we will allow the student to become comfortable with the driving school car.

    In addition our instructor will prepared the student in all the major points of the road test: Parallel parking, K-turn, going in reverse in a straight line for about 50 - 100 feet and go over some of the do's and don'ts on the road test. After passing the road test we will assist in obtaining the student's license and return the student to either home or to the school.


    1. Permit (Must be Legible)
    2. Original Birth Certificate or US Passport or Green Card
    3. School Report Card
    4. School ID
    5. Social Security Card
    6. $6.00 Cash for MVC
    7. Glasses or contacts (if Prescribed)



    All New Jersey 16 year old MUST be accompanied by a driving school to MVC to obtain a student permit by law. Our school offers a service to obtained permit from MVC. If they have passed the written test in school they must receive a blue card. If they do not have the card from school they can take the test at the MVC. Students who have blue card or passed the written test can now apply for their permit. They take a vision test at MVC. Please wear glasses or contacts if prescribed. A permit application, supplied by us, must be completely filled out and signed by a parent. The student will need to bring their original birth certificate with a raised seal or a valid US passport and social security card.

    Once the permit is obtained, the 6 hours of driving can begin. We like to teach the 6 hours of lessons in three 2 hour sessions, but will make other arrangements if requested.

    After completing the 6 hours of driving, we validate the permit and make a road test appointment for the student. We will also issue a Certificate of Completion. You can submit the certificate to your insurance carrier for a possible discount for your 16 year old.

    Note: This permit can only be obtained by a Driving School.

    Please double check the list below for the permit

    1) Completed Permit application
    2) Original document of U.S Birth Certificate, US passport or Green Card. MVC will not accept a photocopy
    3) Social Security Card
    4) High School ID
    5) High School Report Card
    6) High School Blue Card
    7) $10 Cash or check payable to "NJMVC"
    8) Please wear your glasses or contact lenses if you have been prescribed to wear one. An Eye Test will be given to all applicants


    All New Jersey 17 years old can apply for a permit at MVC with their parent, they do not require a driving school to obtain permit. They will need to bring their original birth certificate with a raised seal or a valid US passport or a green card and social security card. Once the permit is obtained, they can start driving with their parent.


    They can start driving with 1st Choice Driving School. And take up to 6 hours of training to receive a 6 hours completion certificate for insurance discount.

    Call to make an appointment: 732-218-7400

21 YEARS +
    1. Written Test and Road Test Services
    2. Nervous Drivers (Have License But Need More Driving Practice)
    3. Lessons for re-exam (License Suspended or Other Reasons)
    4. Brush up Lessons ( Didn't Drive for a Long Time)

    Call for more INFO: 732-218-7400